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most of you dont really beilve. You say you do, but you dont. If you are not careful, they will come for you. They will make your life filled with sorrow. If you need any help with it, just ask someone. To show that they belive, you will look them straight in the eyes, if the eyes look watery, or creept out or anything like that, that means they belive.

Another way to tell.... if you are being haunted by the dead, you will suddenly get cold.... and if you move to any other spots in the room and they are warm, and you move back to that one certain spot, and it is the only spot around that area that is cold, that means that there is something right there with you, standing right there. You might want to get out of that room immediatly if that ever happens. You can never tell if a spirit is an evil one, or a good one.


Wicca's goblit! Sorrce of evil/good.