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The Second Power Call

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Usually "Bulling spirits" will be driven away by the protective shield resulting from your unification with your guardian spirits through the use of the power call Senten Namu Furuhobiru. But there may be other occasions when you might be unfortunate enough to encounter groups of bullying spirits who are in possession of potent powers capable of overpowering these precautionary measures. in such an event it is best to call Fudo Myoo to your assistance.
The second major incantation in the power call rankings is the one used to call forth the help of Fudo Myoo (Acala) - the god of fire. It is an Sos signal to get this heavenly king to start acting on your behalf.
The call is as follows :
Nohamakusahmanda Bahzaradansenda Makaroshada Sowataya Untara Tankanman.